A Change in Approach to Supply-Chain Execution Systems

Alexis Brekke Pellek PharmTech editorIn response to the changing economy, some companies are taking a different approach to supply-chain execution systems. This trend has businesses basing their strategies on reducing costs and streamlining operations rather than focusing on compliance with government or retailer guidelines. Read more »

AAPS 2008 Coverage :: Videos from the Show Floor

At this year’s AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, Pharmaceutical Technology editors conducted video interviews with industry leaders recorded live at PharmTech’s booth on the exhibit floor. Click on the titles below to watch the vidcasts.

Read more »

AAPS 2008 Coverage :: Into the Future with Drug Delivery and Formulation

Patricia Van Arnum PharmTech editor Pharmaceutical Technology took a step into the future with our first Vidcast series from the annual meeting and exposition of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in Atlanta this week. In doing so, I had the opportunity to discuss the future of drug delivery and formulation with leading experts. Read more »

Nano-Ships for Drug Delivery

Maribel Rios PharmTech editorNanoparticles have fascinated scientists and technology followers for several years now, and the popularity of these particles is growing, especially in pharmaceutics. Nanoparticles have matured beyond being considered as simply smaller versions of traditional-sized particles, advancing to become sophisticated and intricately designed systems. Read more »

Quantum Dots Find a Spot in Drug Delivery

Maribel Rios PharmTech editorEver since I read about quantum dots (those nano-sized, fluorescent semiconductor balls that seem to be in many R&D labs), I wondered when the pharma industry would have its chance to put them to use. For the past 10-15 years, it seems like the scientific world marveled over their potential applications. So far, they have found use in cellular imaging, LEDs, and solar cells. Now, it looks like drug delivery may be the next frontier. Read more »

Nanotechnology and the Pace of Regulation

 Maribel rios Pharmtech editorDoes nanotechnology hold the future of drug delivery? From the number of early research studies connecting drug delivery methods with nano-scale science, it would be tough to argue that it doesn’t. FDA recognized this when it formed its Nanotechnology Task Force in 2006 and Nanotechnology Interest Group in 2007.  Although no new announcements have been released from the groups since last year, the research and development arena has been busy. Read more »

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