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NICE Responsible for UK’s Value-Based Pricing of Medicines

The UK government has confirmed that from 2014 onwards, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which is the country’s cost-effectiveness watchdog, will play a central role in the new value-based pricing system for assessing the costs and benefits of medicines. Read more »

The Drop in Drug Spending

Sales of traditional drugs fell for the first time according to Express Scripts’ annual Drug Trend Report. The decline is being attributed to patent expirations, causing a greater use of generic drugs and increased competition. According to the report, the higher cost of specialty medications offset the overall decline. Express Scripts’ report anticipates these trends to continue.

Therapy classes saw an increase in utilization; however, unit costs saw a decrease. Cost increases for diabetes medications drove an increase in spending. Other high-use medications, however, such as those to treat depression saw a decrease in spend despite an increase in utilization. Drugs that treat attention disorders saw an upward trend because of increases in both utilization and drug cost.

Has the pharmaceutical industry seen the beginning of an overall decline in sales? Are there enough new drugs in the pipeline to push conventional drug sales forward? How is your company battling the trend?

The Next Horizon: Single-Use Technologies for Finished Drug Product Manufacturing

Patricia Van Arnum PharmTech editor Biopharmaceutical production is an often discussed application for single-use technologies, but single-use technologies also have application for small-scale finished drug-product manufacturing for producing clinical-trial materials. An educational webcast by Pharmaceutical Technology, “Accelerate Sterile and Non-Sterile Clinical Trial Manufacturing with Single-Use Technologies,” on Wednesday Mar. 6th examines this application. Read more »

Informex Perspectives: Still a Small-Molecule World

Patricia Van Arnum PharmTech editor As fine-chemical producers, custom manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies gathered this week for Informex in Anaheim, California, one observation stands out: for all the inroads that biologic-based drugs have made, the pharmaceutical industry remains a small-molecule marketplace. Read more »

Surveying Trends in Equipment Innovation

Are equipment innovations keeping up with manufacturers’ needs? What do industry members think about quality by design and process analytical technology? The editors at Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe are currently running a survey of trends in finished drug product manufacturing and innovation in pharmaceutical equipment and manufacturing to gain feedback on these and other questions. Are you involved with machinery and equipment for solid dosage or parenteral products? Click here to take the survey. Read more »

A Call to Integrate Technology Innovation and Healthcare

In an article called “Beyond magic bullets: true innovation in health care,” published in the February 2013 issue of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, scientists from Janssen encouraged the healthcare industry to think outside of the drug product-focused box and look at an integrated approach to care, said a Janssen press release. Read more »

Pharma’s Most Productive Innovators

Stephanie Sutton Pharm Tech EuropeConsultancy firm IDEA Pharma has released what it calls a ‘Productive Innovation Index’, which ranks pharmaceutical companies based on their ability to successfully commercialise new innovations. The company has been published the index for three years and uses publicly available data to reach its conclusions. Read more »

Future Hub of Biotech: Boston or San Francisco?

San Francisco and Boston sit on opposite coasts and each has a rich history and character that make them distinct. However, they share some similarities: both cities are centers of top biotechnology hubs in the US. Read more »

Social Media and the Pharma Industry

PharmTech’s February issue will feature a guest editorial by Aaron Davidson, a partner in the life sciences practice at Baker Botts, on social media and the pharmaceutical industry. In his editorial, Mr. Davidson points to FDA and a lack of regulatory guidance as the reasons that social media has not caught on in the pharma and bio/pharma industries. FDA’s requirement to provide consumers with FDA-approved promotional materials that contain risk information may limit a pharmaceutical company’s ability to use mediums such as Twitter and Facebook effectively.

Read more »

Pharma’s Reputation in Decline

Stephanie Sutton Pharm Tech EuropeThe pharmaceutical industry does not have a good reputation among patients and consumers.

This may seem like an unfair situation given the fact that medicines produced by the pharmaceutical industry save millions of lives each year, but humans are far better at focusing on the bad things than the good, and recent recalls, controversial pricing policies and lawsuits have definitely given people reason to focus on the negative side of the pharmaceutical industry. Read more »

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