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Quality Manufacturing Key to Global Attack on Fake Drugs

Jill Wechsler Washington EditorThe growing dangers from substandard and falsified medicines around the world has prompted a blue-ribbon panel formed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to call for clear international standards for higher quality medical products,  plus an electronic tracking system in the US to uncover bogus products in the supply chain. Read more »

President Obama’s Plans for Healthcare Reform and Job Growth

President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Feb. 12, 2013 touched on some issues that may directly impact the pharmaceutical industry: healthcare reform, innovation, and job creation. So how has the pharmaceutical industry responded?

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Balancing Supply with Quality

Amy RitterAccording to FDA, 75% of the products in shortage are generic sterile injectables; low-margin products that must be manufactured in specialized facilities and that must meet stringent quality metrics. Read more »

Justice Department Steps Up Focus on GMP Violations

Jill Wechsler Washington EditorFederal law enforcers are looking hard at pharmaceutical manufacturers that put consumers at risk by cutting corners on product quality and safety and violating current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs). The Department of Justice (DOJ) is “taking an especially hard look” at situations that compromise drug safety, identity and quality, explained DOJ deputy assistant attorney general Maame Ewusi-Mensah Frimpong at this week’s CBI Compliance Conference in Washington, D.C. Read more »

UN Pact Scuttles Anti-Vaccine Provision

Jill Wechsler Washington EditorA new international agreement to reduce mercury contamination of air and water was recently adopted by 140 countries, without a proposal that threatened to limit access to vaccines in much of the world. The credit goes to public health authorities and medical experts who challenged a provision blocking production of vaccines with the preservative thimerosal, the formulation necessary for efficient vaccine distribution in developing countries. Banning thimerosal in vaccines “would be a tragedy” that put millions of children at risk, stated GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization) director Seth Berkley in the New York Times (Jan. 17, 2013). Read more »

Process Validation’s Impact on Manufacturing

PharmTech’s March issue will feature an update on process analytical technologies that will include a focus on validation. As part of my research for the March feature, I would like to know your answer to the following question.

How has the FDA process validation guidance, Guidance for Industry: Process Validation: General Principles and Practices, changed validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Please send your answers to or post them directly here in the comments section.

Thank you!

A New Year in Pharma

A new year has started in the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing and technology, and 2013 looks to bring plenty of innovation. PharmTech’s January issue highlights what the pharma industry can expect in the upcoming year.

Look for a discussion with FDA on the changing scope of regulatory science and its effect on drug reviews, site inspections, and approvals as well as academia’s role in the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. We will also have a look at the future of CMOs and ISPE’s view on the future of the quality laboratory.

We would also like to know what you think the new year will bring! Please leave your comments on what your company’s goals and innovative projects are for the new year, and be sure to let us know what you would like to see us cover in the year to come!

Roche on Continuous Manufacturing at the PDA/EMA Joint Conference

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110Continuous manufacturing is now becoming a trend as its advantages are being increasingly recognized. At the PDA/EMA joint conference, which took place earlier this month, Martin Wunderlich from F. Hoffmann-La Roche presented an industry case study on solid drug product manufacturing based on this concept. He explained how a continuous wet granulation process for one of the company’s product (referred to as ‘product X’ hereafter) was developed using a quality-by-design (QbD) approach and a control strategy based on process analytical technology (PAT), as well as the technical challenges involved in the development of the process. Read more »

PDA/EMA Joint Conference on Process & Validation

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110On the second day of the PDA/EMA joint conference, we had a choice of three different topics, all running simultaneously: GMP inspection practice, process and validation, and challenges for EU harmonisation. I somehow found myself listening to Lina Ertle from the French national agency for medicines and health products (ANSM), who gave an update on process validation guidelines. Read more »

Real-time Data Aids Continuous Manufacturing

How to optimize continuous processing and make it work in pharmaceutical manufacturing is a crucial issue. Real-time devices for continuous feeding processes, among many other topics, were discussed at a seminar I attended last week. The seminar, “Advances in Pharmaceutical Processing”, was sponsored by K-Tron, which supplies material handling and feeding systems. Read more »

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