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The African Markets Pharma Can’t Ignore

Julian Upton Pharm Exec EuropeIn its new study on pharma market growth in Africa, IMS Health highlights three ‘rising star’ countries from the continent’s sub-Saharan region. Read more »

Bayer Force One

Efficient energy consumption has taken to the friendly skies with a little help from the sun—and pharma. The Solar Impulse, a Swiss solar-powered airplane, is attempting to make its longest flight—from Switzerland to Morocco with a layover in Spain—in a 48-hour intercontinental test flight piloted by project originators Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.

Bayer MaterialScience became an official partner of the project in 2010, according to a May 24, 2012, press release. Since then, more than two dozen scientists at the company’s laboratories in Leverkusen, Dormagen, and Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, have been tasked with brainstorming ideas for lightweight construction and energy efficiency.

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Could US Budget Woes Undo HIV Breakthroughs?

Angie Drakulich PharmTech editorAs recently as a few years ago, patients infected with HIV living in Africa were likely to be turned away from health clinics, with no help for treatment in sight. They were told to go home and plan their funerals. This was the story old on NPR news radio this week. But a few recent studies may presage a different ending to this sad story. Read more »

Biotech and Emerging Markets: Perspectives from Brazil, India, Argentina, and South Africa

bio_guestblogger_200At this week’s Partnering for Global  Health Forum, sponsored by BIO and BioVentures for Global Health, in Washington, DC, a unique panel of government leaders from emerging markets discussed what it takes to do business in their countries. Among the panelists were: Argentina’s Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovative Production; India’s T. Madham Mohan, the Ministry of Science and Technology Biotechnology Department Advisor; South Africa’s Bongi Gumede, Senior General Manager, Technology Innovation and Marketing, Technology Innovation Agency; and Brazil’s Julio Ramundo, Managing Director, Venture Capital, Environmental and Capital Markets Division, Brazilian Development Bank. Also on the panel to provide analysis and perspective was industry expert Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company. Read more »

Lower Vaccine Prices For Developing Countries

Stephanie Sutton Pharm Tech EuropeThis week has seen several pharma companies slashing the prices of important vaccines for use in developing countries, but is the move spurred by simple generosity alone? There are often headlines about pharma companies’ drug donations to developing countries and I think it’s great to see the pharma industry making a difference in this area. However, the price reductions may also stem from something other than generosity: the need to compete with other vaccine manufacturers, particularly at a time where more and more low-cost generic medicines are becoming available. Read more »

Pharma and the Earth

Angie Drakulich PharmTech editorAs Earth Day (April 22) approaches, many environmentalists and policymakers are discussing steps for the future with regard to reducing carbon footprints, saving energy, and restoring the world’s deteriorating ecosystems. In fact, a key debate on the blogosphere and news wires this week surrounds the issue of the environmental refugee—a term used by the UN and others to define a person that has been displaced because of environmental causes, notably land loss and degradation of land, and natural disaster, according to the UN Statistics Division. Read more »

Shared Value in Action

Patricia Van Arnum PharmTech editor Shared value. Partnerships. Collaborative innovation. We hear these words a lot in defining the ideals of successful business relationships, but they also are very much at the center of public, joint public–private, industry, and individual efforts in developing solutions for broader global concerns. The connections, energy, talents, and resourcefulness that are at the heart of those solutions were the focus of the Women in the World Summit, held in New York last month. Organized by the Daily Beast and Newsweek, the summit generated an instructive and meaningful dialogue on the diversified approaches that are and can be used to advance the role of women, particularly in developing countries, inclusive of global health initiatives.  Read more »

Recent Regulatory Efforts in Africa Aim to Fight Counterfeit Drugs

Alexis Brekke Pellek PharmTech editorImproving drug quality and combating the threat of counterfeit and substandard medications were the goals of recent efforts by regulators and leaders across Africa, where fake drugs are a particularly serious problem. Read more »

AIDS Vaccine Trial Planned by IAVI, Crucell, Harvard, Ragon Institute

Alexis Brekke Pellek PharmTech editorA new clinical trial for an AIDS vaccine will take place in Africa and the United States. The program, announced this week, is a collaboration between the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), which will lead the trial, biopharmaceutical company Crucell (Leiden, Netherlands), Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the Ragon Institute, an organization dedicated to HIV/AIDS research. Read more »

Should Global Health Goals be Rethought?

Angie Drakulich PharmTech editorIf you’re not familiar with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), they are a set of eight targets defined and committed to by the member states of the United Nations in 2000 to reduce extreme poverty worldwide. The idea is to achieve the goals (specific measureable indicators are set for each) by the year 2015. The goals cover issues such as reducing hunger and developing global partnerships, but several of them address health issues, including the Goals 4 and 5, which focus on promoting child and maternal health (e.g., reducing under age-5 mortality and increasing access to reproductive care), and Goal 6,which focuses on combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

In light of the changing global public health landscape, I think the UN should consider revising the MDGs before 2015, or at least devising a new set of health-based goals when the time comes. Read more »

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