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Patients Wade into the European Pricing Debate

An important third party is struggling to make its voice heard in European pharma discussions. Drug pricing is not just a matter of manufacturers battling with health ministries, insist groups representing the end-users of medicines — that is, the patients. Over and above the questions of costs and bureaucracy, the more important issues of equity and patients’ rights are at stake. And these, according to patient groups, are critically threatened by delays in access to treatment. Read more »

Clinical Trials: Can the EU Backtrack Fast Enough?

They may be well-meaning, but sometimes the EU’s decisions can have harmful effects, as is the case with its much criticized clinical trials directive. Read more »

Framing the argument

The European debate about combating counterfeit medicines is generating a lot of heat in Brussels as it comes to a head. In March the European Parliament is starting to tackle the detail of the European Commission’s proposal to stop falsified products getting into the legal supply chain – about the same time as officials from the EU member countries are nearing some sort of view on the technicalities. Read more »

Ombudsman and Superman

Attention has frequently been drawn to the complexities of getting anything done in Europe. A brilliant researcher can explore visionary horizons, an ambitious entrepreneur can offer a package of goods or services of inestimable value, but the degree of control and regulation becomes more intense every year — sometimes every month or week. Read more »