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I Sell Therefore iPad?

Peter HoustonEarlier this month, Apple’s iPad hit the streets of Europe. In the US, the company sold more than two million in the first 60 days of its release and, although we don’t know sales figures for Europe yet, consumer interest has been feverish. 2010 predictions of more than 6 million units worldwide no longer seem ambitious. Apple kicked off its European iPad sales in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, with universal availability expected before the end of the year.

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Are Partnerships In India Keeping You Up At Night?

Peter HoustonWith strong R&D capabilities and a highly educated workforce at the right price, India presents an attractive alternative to European manufacturers facing increased costs at home. Add the growing domestic pharmaceutical market and India looks like the perfect location for a partnership. Read more »

Bringing Online Pharmacies Into Line

Peter HoustonLate last month, MEPs on the European Parliament committee responsible for health voted to include sales of pharmaceuticals over the internet in the European Commission’s draft directive on falsified medicines. With some surveys suggesting that more than 60% of drugs purchased online are fake, bringing internet sales under new mandatory safety rules for pharmaceuticals is aimed at reducing the supply of ‘potentially lethal’ fake medicines in the European Union. Read more »