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Actos Cashes In On Avandia Safety Concerns

Jacky LawCommunicating the risks of pharmaceuticals has never been easy. Say too much and no-one wants to take your drug; say too little and politicians, competitors and soon, the entire social media, will fill in the gaps for you. Read more »

Blockbusters-Alive and Well

Jacky Law

There was a time not so long ago when people would pay good money to find out where the industry was at, let alone where it was going. Now, thanks to technology, intelligent snapshots can be obtained at the touch of a button. The latest EvaluatePharma Yearbook(1), published earlier this month, is a good example. This digest of key pharma stats is based on consensus forecasts from leading analysts to 2016 and shows, among other things, that the blockbuster is far from dead. Read more »

Life After Big Pharma

It’s hard to get precise figures of how many people have been taken off the payroll at pharma and biotech companies recently. According to staffing firm, Challender, Gray and Christmas, the combined industries shed 58,969 jobs in the first nine months of 2009, 15,000 more than the whole of 2008. In total, that makes around 74,000 redundancies in just 21 months, many but not all of which came from sales forces. Figures from FiercePharma, meanwhile, show just ten companies saw 66,850 jobs go in 2009. And this doesn’t include layoffs from the merger of Roche and Genentech, nor the 860 jobs that were announced at Boehringer Ingelheim in August. Read more »