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Advertising of Prescription Drugs – Keeping it Honest and Balanced

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions each year on promoting their products, especially to healthcare professionals. In the US, a significant amount is also spent on direct advertising to consumers. In a report by the FDA on Keeping Drug Advertising Honest and Balanced, Thomas Abrams, director of the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP), shares on how the agency “protects consumers from false and misleading ads for prescription drugs that appear on TV, radio, online and in print publications.” Read more »

Inadequate Access to Medicines Puts EU at Risk

The issue of patients not receiving essential medicines because they cannot afford them is becoming a serious problem in the EU as the region battles through its economic crisis. In a briefing by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) on Access to Medicines in Europe in Times of Austerity, it was highlighted that the three factors that will determine whether or not a patient gets his/her medicine are “affordability and availability, in terms of access to medicines, and innovation in terms of developing new methods of assuring best possible health outcomes.” Read more »

Global Biosimilars Market to Reach $2.445 Billion in 2013

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110The global market for biosimilar drugs has been forecasted to be worth $2.445 billion this year, according to a new report by British market research specialist Visiongain. The growth represents a 20% increase from last year and accounts for approximately 2% of the overall biologics market. Moreover, the global biosimilars market is expected to experience a steady growth over the next 10 years, driven by worldwide launches of such products, particularly in the EU and US. Read more »

Adapting to Change

Evidence of health outcomes is what payers want to see. As a result, biotech companies are now focussing more on demonstrating economic value, for example, by showing survival benefit of a cancer drug or superiority to branded or generic competitors. Read more »

AstraZeneca and Exco InTouch Collaborate to Augment Current COPD Pathways

Guest blog written by Chris Watson, product manager of Exco InTouch.

AstraZeneca and Exco InTouch have announced a program to develop and launch interactive mobile phone and internet-based health tools that will help patients in the UK and their healthcare providers to track and manage chronic conditions. AstraZeneca’s R&D organisation and Exco InTouch are developing the tool with an initial focus on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Read more »

Biotech Needs to Focus on Demonstrating Product Value

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110Ernst & Young recently released its annual biotechnology industry report, Beyond Borders: Matters of Evidence, stating that while the major players are performing well, it is essential that small- to mid-size biotech companies focus on demonstrating the value of products in their pipelines instead of just creating a drug that works. If not, they will lose out in a challenging environment, especially now that there is a global shift towards evidence-based healthcare. Read more »

Scientist Jailed for Falsifying Research Data

Steven Eaton, a scientist working for Aptuit, a US pharmaceutical company, has been jailed three months for falsifying preclinical safety data on experimental anticancer drugs due for clinical evaluation. Eaton, 47, who worked at the company’s drug discovery and development site in Riccarton, near Edinburgh, Scotland, is the first person in the UK to be jailed under the country’s scientific safety laws. Read more »

MHRA’s New Corporate Plan To Prioritise Science And Research

“Our vision of success is to enhance and improve the health of millions of people every day through the effective regulation of medicines and medical devices, underpinned by science and research,” stated the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom as it unveiled its 2013–2018 corporate plan on 11 April. The agency announced its aims to be a leading regulator on the world stage in supporting science and research as part of its five-year corporate plan, which was developed using responses from a public consultation launched last December. Read more »

A World Without Polio by 2018

More than 400 eminent scientists and public health experts from around the world have come together to endorse a new initiative to eradicate polio by 2018. The Scientific Declaration on Polio Eradication, published on 11 April, stated that an end to polio is scientifically feasible and achievable. Read more »

UK Doctors Paid £40 Million in One Year by Pharma

New figures show that last year, doctors in the UK received approximately £40 million from big pharmaceutical companies. According to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), a trade body representing pharmaceutical companies, both National Health Service (NHS) and private staff were paid the sum for consultancies and sponsorships and other interactions with drug businesses in 2012. Read more »

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